Scammed, Indian students served with deportation notices

Around 150 Indian students studying in New Zealand, have been served with a deportation notice following an investigation in the documents used for the visa applications.

"Students have to have enough money to suport themselves during their studies. In these cases the evidence was faked. Students might not know about the fraud but its their agents that committed the act and the student will pay for it", Assistant General of the department was quoted.

The latest data shows that Indian students provide a $2.5 billion of annual boost to the New Zealand's economy which is planned to be doubled by 2025. For this to hapen, there needs to be proper channel in place to stop such frauds from happening. 

"They all have the same story. They put there trust in the education agent to apply for a student visa on their behalf and they know nothing about the documents agents submit for the visa application", aid Mr. McClymont.

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