Why do Indian Students fail to secure a job overseas?

The transition from university life to the open market for employment is never a smooth one. Be it India or any other corner of the world, knowledge and experience does matter.


In the fast-changing world, the preferences of the employees are just changing as fast. The mounting expectation of the recruiters and companies have non-intentionally filtered a large chunk of students who cannot afford to start developing skills after the completion of the education in recent times. Consequently, the students who fail to realize the importance of school or college education are paying the ultimate price for it. The competition in the professional field is increasing day by day with the introduction of AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) and automation across various sectors. Thus, students in the near future will not only need to stay updated with textbooks but also the rapid advancements in technology that may quash away the very job they are studying for.


In 2018 alone, over 5.6 lakhs of Indian students traveled overseas for education. This surprisingly surpasses the population of around 20 small nations around the globe. With these many students traveling overseas each year, it is highly improbable that all of them would secure jobs and be able to live happily ever after. The official data shows over 80 percent of these students will return back home within a span of 2-3 years.

This data is highly alarming since most of the Indian students travel blind into the land of the unknown with no real guidance. Here are a few reasons why Indian students fail overseas :


  1. LACK OF GUIDANCE WHILE TRAVELING ABROAD FOR STUDIES For a student who is traveling abroad for higher education the first time, it is important for him to receive proper guidance from people before stepping foot in the country. It is important to do your research or create an academic profile





2. COMMUNICATION AND LEVEL OF ENGLISH PROFICIENCY Students in India don't realize the importance of the English language until they actually move overseas. Recently English coaching has steeply risen among the youth who train to score in IELTS but fail to speak the language. Inability to communicate is one of the major reasons for Indian students failing to get a good job after the completion of studies abroad. To end up a good job, it is important that you cleary speak and communicate with the people at work.


3. LACK OF SKILLS OR EXPERIENCE A A lot of Indian students expect to get a good job without on the basis of the degree they have achieved while in India and overseas. This fact is completely false as the overseas markets are not academically driven. As most of us are aware that western countries prefer experience over education. Therefore it becomes extremely important to have some experience in your CV before you go out to look for a job in the market.

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